What I Teach

On Camera Auditioning

As semi-scripted TV shows and films become more popular, actors need to prepare themselves for situations with no preparation. In this workshop you’ll get a crash-course in long-form improvisation, and connecting these skills to on-camera acting.

Group Ownership

The focus of this workshop is hyper agreement! Learning how to really say YES in the most supportive way possible. The best part of improv is getting on the same page and working as an ensemble. We will take that skill, apply it to our improv and have fun.

Improv for the Comedic Actor

“Truthful performing at the top of your intelligence is a must whilst making shit up.” - Patrick Noth

In this workshop Patrick will convince you that being funny in improv only requires honesty. If you are committed in your acting, you’re halfway there.

Improv for Teens

Long-form improvisation for teenagers age 13-18 only highlighting the basics of improvised, long-form scene work. Guidance on character development and discovering what is truthful and funny sourced from theatrical relationships created between characters.


The basics. Patrick walks you through all the fun that comes with learning how to “yes and”.

Improv Form

Patrick teaches a variety of improvisational comedy forms including The Harold, Monoscene, Delicate Flower, LaRonde, Armando, Slacker, Montague, Let's Have a Ball, The Movie. Name a form and he probably can teach it.